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Situated at the southern end of Ao Phang-Nga there are no tidal restrictions entering or leaving this seven year old marina which offers a standard of luxury almost unsurpassed. It is home to many superyachts and the Sunsail charter fleet but with lots of room for cruisers. Good pontoons with electricity and water (not potable). There is plenty of turning space and the docking crews are first rate – a “pushing” dinghy will meet you at the entrance and there will be catchers on the pontoon. Call first on CH 69 as they will know better than the office where you are going to tie up. There is a huge haul out area and good local labour.
There is a beautiful pool with absolutely pristine modern loos and showers adjacent.
There is a bar/restaurant at the marina, a chandlery and a short walk away a local eaterie with a European/Thai place almost next door.